MacKay Hannah
NEWSWEBINAR City Centres, Town Centres and High Streets after Covid: Rediscovering localism, redefining purpose, 15th April 2021
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NEWSWEBINAR Data protection practice during and after pandemic: Crisis management and compliance, Tuesday 27th April 2021
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NEWSWEBINAR The UK Internal Market Act 2020: Understanding what it means for business, politics, law and the constitution, Thursday 13th May 2021
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NEWSWEBINAR Infrastructure, Growth and Recovery in Scotland, Friday 14th May 2021
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NEWSWEBINAR Placemaking in Scotland: What is it and how will it be funded and delivered? Thursday 20th May 2021
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NEWSONLINE CONFERENCE Understanding Scotland's Government, Parliament and MSPs: How they work and how to influence them, Tuesday 15th June 2021, morning
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NEWSONLINE CONFERENCE Scotland’s Public Health Obesity Crisis: Preventing and reducing obesity in Scotland, Tuesday 22nd June 2021
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Influencing, informing, connecting and networking with decision makers in post-Coronavirus Scotland.

MacKay Hannah is launching a new digital platform - MacKay Hannah 2020 - delivering online conferences and webinars to complement our face to face conferences. So while everyone stays focussed on protecting health and growing the economy we can also get on with discussing policy and making connections that matter.

Whether you are a participant, speaker, sponsor or exhibitor we help you to Influence policy-making, Inform policy development, Connect with decision makers and build Networks.

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This was an excellent, thought provoking day. All the speakers added something positive to the day. It was motivating and inspiring.

Raising Young Scots Conference, November 2017

Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences</p>