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Dealing with living grief: Supporting carers

This webinar is intended to explore how people caring for someone with dementia can experience feelings of loss and grief while the person they are caring for is still alive. It will discuss how those carers - both personal and professional - can be supported through these experiences, the challenges that carers may face in recognising and coping with their journey through grief and the broader scale and impact of living grief in the context of Scotland’s wider dementia experience.

Tue 25th May 2021

Delivering Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Scotland’s Public, Private and Third Sectors

This webinar explores how the need to deliver equality, diversity and inclusion in Scotland’s public, private and Third sector organisations can be met, the challenges which need to be overcome to ensure that diversity is properly reflected in leadership and governance structures and the steps which must be taken to ensure that these ambitions are also reflected in the day to day running, culture and practices of organisations in all three sectors.

Thu 27th May 2021

Scotland’s third sector and COVID recovery: How do we build back better?

This webinar will explore the critical role of Scotland’s third sector in supporting communities, public services and the economy as they grapple with the task of delivering recovery from the COVID pandemic. It will discuss the strategic importance of third sector activities in all aspects of Scottish life, the centrality of clarity in leadership and funding within and for the sector and the prospective role and challenges for the sector in helping to deliver recovery and aiming to ‘build back better’.

Tue 1st Jun 2021

Implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child in Scotland: What will it mean for your organisation?

This webinar explores the legal and service delivery implications for all Scottish public authorities of the implementation of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child into Scottish law. It will examine how public sector bodies - and anyone undertaking functions or providing services to children with public money - can meet the challenge of acting compatibly with the incorporated UNCRC requirements, reflecting them in their day to day running, culture and practices.

Thu 3rd Jun 2021

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