MacKay Hannah

Regulators, Scrutiny and Accountability in Scotland: What's next for public service providers, markets and consumers?

Tue 4th Sep 2018

Edinburgh, Hanover Housing Conference Centre

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Scotland's regulators and regulatory regimes operate in a context of additional powers for the Scottish Parliament, challenging public finances and ever increasing consumer expectations.

This conference will discuss the current and future approach in Scotland to the regulation of public services, markets and companies. It will examine how disruptive technology and data, increased powers for the Scottish Parliament, changing consumer demands and continuing public service constraint combine to affect how we deliver and respond to regulation.

In 2006 The Crerar Review reported its recommendations on how Scotland's systems of regulation, audit, and inspection and complaints handling for public services could be improved. After a decade, what has changed in how we regulate and in how public services are delivered?

The conference will focus on the constantly changing landscape of regulatory requirements and audit and inspection in Scotland. It will discuss the better regulation agenda, examine key drivers of change, discuss implications for regulators and the regulated and consider how best to balance scrutiny with compliance.

This conference is structured to discuss regulation in Scotland in three parts:

  • Regulation and Scrutiny - The strategic picture
  • Regulators, Public Services and Markets
  • Compliance, Consumers and Criminality - Bringing it all together

Themes to be covered in this conference include:

  • Understanding Scottish Government Policy on Regulation, Services, Consumers and Competition
  • The Principles of Better Regulation
  • Scrutiny, Accountability and Good Governance: The foundations of planning and delivering public services
  • Regulation and Delivering Public Services Value
  • How Regulation can Promote Competition and Growth
  • Understanding Changes in Consumer Expectations of Public Services and Markets
  • Understanding the Accountability Implications of the Information Age
  • The Extra Demands Placed on  the Public Sector and Companies: How technology is changing everything
  • When Compliance Goes Wrong: Legal implications of regulatory failure for regulators and the regulated

Who should attend:

  • Public sector bodies
  • Businesses operating in Scotland
  • Third sector service deliverers
  • Customer services and complaints managers
  • Departmental directors and managers
  • Communications and marketing officers
  • Lawyers and legal advisors
  • FoI officers
  • Policy officers
  • Change managers
  • Heads of service 


Rami Okasha

Executive Director of Strategy & Improvement, Care Inspectorate

Rosemary Agnew

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Professor Russel Griggs OBE

Chair, Scottish Government Independent Advisory Regulatory Review Group

Anthony Harbinson

Director of Safer Communities, Department of Justice

Fraser McKinlay

Director of Performance Audit and Best Value and Controller of Audit, Audit Scotland

Kevin Dunion OBE

Convener, Standards Commission for Scotland

Mark Diffley

Owner, Mark Diffley Consultancy and Research

Dr Ken Macdonald

Head of ICO Regions, Information Commissioner's Office

Dave Black

Design Consultant, SPARCK

Jackie McGuire

Partner, Brodies LLP

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This was an excellent event - speakers were well informed and each brought something different.

Steven Turner, The Salvation Army,
Scotland's New Lobbying Act Conference, September 2017

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