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This page lists our forthcoming conferences. Please check back regularly as this page is constantly updated with new conferences and new speakers and themes are added daily.


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Behavioural Insights and Scottish Public Services: What's possible?

This conference will examine how the principles of behavioural science can be applied across Scottish public services to achieve the core objectives of making services more efficient and easier for consumers, improving outcomes by better relating consumer behaviour to service delivery and empowering consumers to make decisions best for them.

Tue 31st May 2016


Sun Oracle Executive Briefing Centre

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Empowering and Protecting Scottish Consumers: the changing landscape

Additional consumer and competition powers were devolved to the Scottish Parliament in the new Scotland Bill. This conference will examine one of the recommendations made by the independent Working Group on Consumer and Competition Policy to create a new body - Consumer Scotland - to implement a new consumer and competition policy for Scotland.

Thu 2nd Jun 2016


Holiday Inn Edinburgh City West

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Closing Scotland's Education Poverty and Attainment Gap: What's working and how do we build on it?

The Scottish Government has committed significant resources to closing Scotland's poverty and attainment gap. This conference will examine what progress has been made in that objective, where we can find success and how we can replicate best practice throughout Scotland.

Tue 7th Jun 2016


Norton Park Centre

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9th Annual Conference and Award for Executive Secretaries and PAs in Scotland: ACES 2016

This event is a one-stop-shop for learning and development, knowledge sharing and networking for PAs, EAs, Office Managers and office support professionals from across Scotland.

Fri 10th Jun 2016


Edinburgh Zoo

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3rd Annual Scottish Transport Conference 2016: New Parliament and next priorities for transport

The 3rd Annual Scottish Transport Conference will feature senior speakers from across all Scottish Transport modes. It draws together a range of transport projects, services and industry developments to examine new opportunities in transport, the industry's impact on the wider economy and country and future challenges and opportunities for the transport industry. The conference will set out the unfolding picture on investment, integration and innovation across Scottish transport for the five year term of the next Scottish Government.

Tue 21st Jun 2016


Macdonald Holyrood Hotel

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Making Energy in Scotland Affordable: Smart Grids - Smart Energy - Smart Consumers

This conference examines the opportunity for creating more affordable energy. The arrival of a range of new possibilities in the fields of generation, transmission and consumption of energy herald a new era of potential for affordable energy. Innovative smart grid technology, collaboration in energy project delivery, the advent of smart meters, advances in local and renewable generation and the potential for increasingly smart consumers all mean that consumers - public and private sector as well as households - will be increasingly empowered in energy affordability.

Fri 24th Jun 2016


Wheatley Academy

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The Scottish Parliament's New Powers: Understanding what it means for public services, businesses and people in Scotland

What are the wide range of new powers coming to the Scottish Government? How will they affect taxation in Scotland? What policy options will the Scottish Government consider in using the new powers? This conference examines what the new tax and wider policy powers are, how they may be used and what this will mean for the relationship with local government, Westminster and the Northern Powerhouse.

Mon 27th Jun 2016



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