MacKay Hannah

Raising Young Scots: Getting to Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Thu 2nd Nov 2017

Edinburgh, Hanover Housing Conference Centre

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This conference examines the challenges of raising healthy, wealthy and wise young Scots, regardless of their background.

It considers how families, schools, public institutions and the wider community have interlinked and crucial roles to play in providing both the safety nets and the springboards needed to allow all young Scots to develop to their full potential. 

The conference will discuss the range of policies in place in education, health and citizenship to support the development of young Scots and will focus on three core areas of potential: sharing best practice, collaborating across organisational and sector boundaries and being led by a 'what works' approach with young Scots.

In every respect, Scotland’s success in raising children so that they are healthy, confident, well educated, well protected and ready to take advantage of their innate abilities is critical to building a strong, successful, inclusive Scotland. 

What should a 'joined-up' approach to supporting young people across society look like? How can we ensure that a systematic approach also has the flexibility to deliver tailored support? What are the challenges in developing a preventative approach which nurtures positive outcomes and prevents harm rather than reacting to problems after they arise? 

The conference will discuss:

  • Education and Attainment
  • Breaking Barriers to Attainment: Closing the gap
  • Delivering Continuous Improvement: What's the plan?
  • Health and Well Being
  • Promoting Positive Physical and Mental Health
  • Tackling Health Inequality 
  • Protecting the Vulnerable
  • Citizenship and Engagement
  • Listening to Young Scottish Voices
  • Giving Young Scots a Stake in the Future
  • Making Engagement and Citizenship Meaningful


Annette Bruton

Principal, Edinburgh College

Naomi Eisenstadt

Deputy Chair, Poverty and Inequality Commission for Scotland

Dr Jim McCormick

Associate Director Scotland, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Louise Macdonald OBE

Chief Executive, Young Scot

Petra Biberbach

Chief Executive, PAS

Tom Houston

Health Improvement Principal - Public Health, NHS Forth Valley

Prof Steve Turner

Scottish Officer, RCPCH, Hon Consultant Paediatrician - NHS Grampian, Chair in Child Health and Wellbeing, Aberdeen University

Alison Douglas

Chief Executive, Alcohol Focus Scotland

Jack Lewars

Chief Operating Officer, School of Hard Knocks

Dr. Iain MacRitchie

CEO, MCR Pathways

Billy Watson

Chief Executive, SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health)

Chelsea Cameron

Award Double Winner, Young Scot 2017

Tam Baillie

Formerly The Children and Young People's Commissioner Scotland

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Really helpful accessible child centered input. Very thought provoking and could see when i could put some information / ideas into practice in terms of service development / delivery. The fast short presentation model was a good one I thought.

Chris Lewis - Children 1st,
Delegate Closing Scotland's Education Poverty and Attainment Gap

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