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Delivering Good Governance in Scotland's Services: Higher standards, effective governance and excellence in public bodies

Thu 21st Sep 2017

Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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This 4th annual conference on public sector effective governance focuses on how good governance can be best delivered in all public and non-public sector bodies which spend public money to provide services.

The conference will firstly revisit the principles of good governance established by the Independent Commission on Good Governance in Public Services, examining what each of the six principles of good governance are and the best practice which underpins them. It will then focus on core contemporary challenges faced by all bodies that work for the public using public money, covering themes such as data management and safety, media relations and reputation management and business continuity and crisis planning.

The 'Good Governance Standard for Public Services' was set out a decade ago by a commission chaired by Sir Alan Langlands, then Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Dundee. The commission, established by the Office for Public Management, CIPFA and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, crystalised how to apply common principles of good governance. 

In its report the Commission stated:

"Governance is dynamic: good governance encourages the public trust and participation that enables services to improve; bad governance fosters the low morale and adversarial relationships that lead to poor performance or even, ultimately to dysfunctional organisations."

In times of reducing budgets and rising expectations, delivering good governance is critical to being able to achieve the balance between financial challenge and service demand. This conference examines what good governance is, what it looks like and how it can be achieved.

The conference is aimed at executive and non-executive leaders, governing bodies, governors - whether appointed or elected - and those at senior levels responsible for implementing executive strategy. It is relevant to all organisations responsible for the spending of public money to deliver services, including government, local government, emergency services, quangos, housing bodies, health agencies and schools, colleges and universities.



Derek Mackay MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Constitution, Scottish Government

Ian C Elliott

PhD, SFHEA, FRSA. Edinburgh MPA Co-Director and Senior Lecturer in Business and Public Services.

Amanda Coulthard

Corporate and Community Planning Manager

Lindsay Linton

Managing Director, Impact Generation

Marian Glen

Independent Non Executive Director

Alisdair McIntosh

Policy and External Relations Director, Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors

Maureen Falconer

Regional Manager - Scotland, Information Commissioner's Office

Elaine McKean

Managing Director, Indigo

Ewan Donald

Senior Consultant, PlanB Consulting

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