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New Transport Infrastructure for Scotland: 3rd Annual Conference

Thu 9th May 2019

Edinburgh, Royal Scots Club

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The Scottish Government has stated its determination to dramatically increase expenditure on capital investment projects in Scotland and to focus that increase on growth related projects. Transport infrastructure projects sit at the centre of both capital spending and the kind of project development that drives growth. This conference examines how the transport project pipeline will be developed.

Nicola Sturgeon MSP, First Minister, Scottish Government stated "The pledge that I am making today is to increase capital investment year on year so that, by 2025-26, it is £1.5 billion higher than the 2019-20 baseline..." 4 September 2018, Programme for Government debate, Scottish Parliament.

Michael Matheson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Connectivity, Scottish Government said "...we are setting out a national infrastructure mission, with increased investment of about £7 billion in Scottish infrastructure by 2025-26." 5 September 2018, Programme for Government debate, Scottish Parliament.

Against the background of these commitments, the National Transport Review and the Strategic Transport Projects Review are developing and helping to reframe the wider transport vision.

So with transport infrastructure project spending set to see substantial increases annually in each of the next seven years, this conference examines the context of planning and strategy for infrastructure investment, asks which type of projects are likely to be strong contenders, and why, and looks at the types of partnerships Scottish Government wants to foster to deliver capital projects effectively.

Major projects with the capacity to transform regional and national economies, and smaller projects with the capacity to complete connectivity and therefore stimulate growth and development, will all be contenders for investment. On the back of a wealth of ambitious projects including the Queensferry Crossing, M8 bundle project, Borders Rail, Edinburgh-Glasgow Improvement Programme and Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, which new projects will be next?

Benefits of Attending

  • Find out what's next in the strategic picture for transport infrastructure in a growth-led environment
  • Discuss the disruptive technology and digital opportunity
  • Understand the scope of the Scottish Government's infrastructure investment levels
  • Learn where the gaps and opportunities for growth are to be found
  • Engage in 'Thinking Transport Investment' - how should we approach thinking about the next projects?
  • Debate what Scotland needs to complete connectivity
  • Look beyond the immediate future to consider which infrastructure spend will best 'future proof' transport 
  • Hear what Scottish Government seeks to achieve with future funding and partnership delivery models
  • Explore which projects should be considered next, and why, with the conference panel of leading transport figures

Who should attend:

This conference will be relevant for anyone involved in the planning, building, maintenance or delivery of transport infrastructure in Scotland. This includes transport operators in rail, bus, road, aviation and maritime industries, engineering and infrastructure companies, regulators, transport lawyers, academics and managers, project managers and professional advisors, smart mobility and data specialists, those working in transport systems and services supply, transport companies and bodies, partners in the transport supply chain, systems associated with transport and services and transport representative bodies.


Prof. David Begg

Chair, Glasgow Connectivity Commission

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All of the speakers worked well together all covering different relevant areas to provide an all round picture.

Carrie Campbell, Thomson Cooper,
Fraser of Allander Scotland's Budget Briefing, 26 September 2017

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