MacKay Hannah

Keeping Pace with Consumers in Scotland: How is the treatment of consumers going to be regulated in a digital world?

Thu 15th Jun 2017

Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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One year on from the Scottish Government's assumption of new legal powers on consumer advice, advocacy and competition, this conference will examine changing consumer behaviours and the impact of technology on consumers, competition and markets. In the context of the new powers, and with an ever changing and fast evolving relationship between consumers and suppliers, it will also examine how the Scottish Government will give consumers more confidence by protecting their interests, how it can support business by preventing anti-competitive behaviour and how it can foster open and competitive markets.

In the year since the new consumer and competition powers were granted, the Scottish Government published its document entitled "Delivering Better Outcomes for Consumers and Businesses in Scotland". That document outlines the Government's current and planned actions for creating a system of consumer protection, regulation and competition including a set of guiding principles and some of these will be discussed at this conference. 

What is the role of regulation and scrutiny in Scotland?  Who regulates and how? What is its purpose and how can a balance be struck between proportionality, effective scrutiny and compliance?  Consumer expectations are rising.  How can service providers and businesses keep up with regulatory demands within this digital age and increasing budgetary constraints?

We know consumer behaviour is changing. People are more informed and more empowered presenting business and service providers with more and fresh challenges. Research shows that Scottish consumers are much less tolerant than those in the rest of the UK, making a larger number of complaints, so what are the trends and the challenges and how do we address those?  How will the ability of consumers' complaints and views of products or services drive change in those products or services? It is not so much about complaints but more about consumers reshaping what they get in real time. 

  • How can policymakers and stakeholders keep up to date with consumer behaviours?
  • What impact is technology having on consumers and markets?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges of the collaborative economy?
  • Where is regulation likely to go next and what are the implications for regulation?
  • In which areas could Scottish markets be improved or produce better outcomes for Scottish consumers and what are the competition issues in Scotland?
  • How do we ensure that consumer protection, competition and regulation in Scotland meet our needs - whether a consumer or a business? 

Join us at this conference as we bring together experts on consumer and market behaviours with a whole range of regulatory, industry, business, service, consumer and advisory group stakeholders to explore consumer behaviours and how they are changing, what future behaviour will look like, how that is being shaped by rapidly developing technology and the ways Scottish market differences will influence - and will be influenced by - that change. 


Keith Brown MSP

Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Jobs and Fair Work, Scottish Government

James Walker

Founder, Resolver

Helen Goulden

Executive Director, Nesta

Chris Greenwood

Senior Tourism Insight Manager, VisitScotland

Thomas Docherty

Head of Public Affairs (Scotland), Which?

Daryn Mason

Senior Director, Solution Consulting, Oracle EMEA

Gail Walker

Water Policy Team Manager, Consumer Futures Unit, Citizens Advice Scotland

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