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Living with Dementia in Scotland: Understanding best practice in policy, prevention and preparation

Tue 6th Mar 2018

Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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This conference addresses the challenge of dementia in Scotland and the strategy and resources to combat it, discusses how to reduce the risks of developing dementia and focuses on preparing for living with early stage dementia for people with the condition. It will also look at the services that can be put in place to support carers and the role of service providers.

Dementia affects around 90,000 people in Scotland and, as people get older, they are increasingly at risk of developing the condition. With an ageing population, Scotland faces major challenges in trying to minimise the scale of dementia and to deliver the services, care and resources which people and their carers require to manage this condition.

This conference is structured to discuss the response to dementia in three ways:

  • understanding the scale and nature of the challenge and the practical policy and resource response to it
  • exploring the role of prevention in minimising the impact of the condition
  • the importance of preparing for dementia with early diagnosis and the best clinical and practical response to managing the condition.

The conference will feature practical case studies, evidence from successful project work and perspectives from those delivering best practice in both prevention and preparing for managing dementia. It will assess how best principles can be applied across the range of circumstances and symptoms with which dementia manifests and the role and expectations of care service organisations and individuals in supporting people with dementia.

Who should attend:

  • Care Homes
  • Care Managers
  • Carers and Care Advisors
  • Health Practitioners
  • Housing
  • Lawyers
  • Local Authorities
  • People living with dementia
  • Service Deliverers 
  • Social Care
  • Third Sector 


Maureen Watt

Minister for Mental Health, Scottish Government

Anna Buchanan

Programme Director - People Affected By Dementia Team, Life Changes Trust

Irene Oldfather

Director, Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE)

Sandra McDonald

The Public Guardian, Office of the Public Guardian (Scotland)

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