MacKay Hannah

Criminal Justice in Scotland: Effectively tackling offending and reoffending

Tue 23rd Jan 2018

Edinburgh, Hanover Housing Conference Centre

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This conference focuses on Scotland's criminal justice system and the relationship between progressive evidence based approaches to tackling offending and delivering lasting changes in offending behaviour.

It examines the initiatives being taken to prevent offending and reduce reoffending and discusses how a mosaic of rehabilitative practices, together with community justice, can most effectively deliver progressive ways to break the crime cycle.

At the start of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 the Scottish prison population was under 6,000 but by 2015-16 this figure had risen to more than 7,600. The Scottish Government is committed to addressing this trend by shifting criminal justice interventions to the earliest possible point in the offending and pre-offending cycle. It also wants to tackle reoffending, encouraging all justice partners to support diversion from prosecution where appropriate to address underlying causes of all offending behaviour. 

In three sessions this conference will examine key factors in delivering an effective approach to criminal justice: the strategic approach to criminal justice in Scotland, targeting the routes and roots of offending and how we can reduce reoffending effectively.

 Themes to be covered at the conference will include:

  • Recognising the nature of crime in Scotland and where it is heading
  • How the criminal justice system needs to evolve
  • Understanding the role of mental health
  • Youth offending and early intervention
  • Skills development and educational attainment
  • Alcohol and drugs criminal pathways
  • Delivering Community Justice
  • Joining up policy and practice: Evidence led and digitally smart
  • Women offenders: Therapeutic and community custody approaches
  • Getting from community offenders to community builders


Mark Nicol

Community Improvement Partnership Lead, Wheatley Housing Group

Professor Ross Deuchar

Director of Interdisciplinary Research Unit on Crime, Policing and Social Justice, University of the West of Scotland

Lynda Gauld

Director, Baccus Consulting

Fiona Benton

Assistant Director Development & Delivery, Scottish Association for Mental Health

Tam Baillie

former Scotland Commissioner on for Children and Young People

Jane Wilson

Learning & Business Development Lead, Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alan Staff

Chief Executive, APEX Scotland

Joe Connelly

Head of Programmes, Venture Trust

Laura Van Der Hoeven

National Prison Visitors Centre Coordinator, Families Outside

John Hutchison

a Curious Designer, Tern Business Systems

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