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4th Annual Scottish Transport Conference: Transport's role in growth, Brexit, passengers and competitiveness

Wed 6th Sep 2017

Edinburgh, Dynamic Earth

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Now in its 4th year, the Annual Scottish Transport Conference takes place in September 2017 a year after both the Scottish Parliament election and the Brexit votes of May and June 2016. This year's conference focuses on the role of transport in Scotland as a driver of economic growth, a conduit for infrastructure spending, a significant Scottish employer and an enabler of inward investment.

Following the Brexit vote - and with a still sluggish broader economy - the supply side potential of Scottish transport to help nurture growth and productivity in the wider economy is critical. The Scottish Government's focus on infrastructure investment, together with the Chancellor's commitment to additional spending in that area, presents an opportunity to deliver transport projects which can bring added value to the Scottish economy in the short, medium and long term. 

What thinking do we need to adopt on transport to maximise the value it brings to our economy, our places, our people and our potential?

The conference provides a platform for all stakeholders in Scottish transport and related industries and will discuss the strategic role and importance of transport in Scotland from the following perspectives:

The Strategic Role of Transport
Planning, Funding and Delivering Transport for Growth
The Transport Development Dividend

Some of the subjects to be covered include:

  • Transport as Infrastructure Driver, Service Deliverer, Growth Promoter
  • Placemaking and Transport: Simple, smart, sustainable
  • Planning for Our Future Transport 
  • Funding Transport Projects: Delivering the strategic and the local
  • Transport Investment and Economic Growth - What's the Priority?
  • Bringing Scotland Closer to UK, EU and Global Markets
  • Attracting Investment: New Jobs, New Services
  • A Scottish Powerhouse and Regional Economic Clusters
  • The 'Mobility as a Service' Marketplace: Scotland's export opportunity


Humza Yousaf MSP

Minister for Transport and Islands, Scottish Government

Martin Dorchester

CEO, David MacBrayne Group

Russell Goodenough

Client Managing Director: Transport, Fujitsu

Dr Yolande Herbath

Programme Director for Business Innovation, Transport Systems Catapult

Alex Hynes

Managing Director, ScotRail Alliance

Ian Liddell

Managing Director, WSP UK Planning and Advisory

Dr George Hazel OBE

Programme Manager, MaaS Scotland

Rachel Skinner

Head of Development and Executive Director, WSP UK

Sharon Moore

Industry Technical Leader for Travel & Transportation, IBM

John Curtis

Managing Director, Revolutionall

Sara Thiam

Regional Director, ICE Scotland

Gordon Robertson

Director of Communications, Edinburgh Airport

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Many areas covered, it was very useful to see that we are moving in the right direction.

Sonia Rafferty, Glasgow Prestwick Airport,
Scotland's Public Sector Workforce Conference 2016

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