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City Centres, Town Centres and High Streets after Covid: Rediscovering localism, redefining purpose

This webinar will explore the effects and consequences of the COVID pandemic for how we live and work in our city and town centres and our high streets. It will examine the opportunities for transformational change in the centre of our urban spaces and will consider current thinking and initiatives to turn threat into opportunity as dramatic structural changes are already unfolding.

Thu 15th Apr 2021

Rethinking Smart Cities and City Regions After Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss the immediate and long term effects of coronavirus upon our cities and city-regions.

Tue 16th Mar 2021

Accountability, information and openness in pandemic and beyond

The webinar will explore how the COVID pandemic and its consequences have impacted upon public bodies in terms of availability of information, effects upon accountability and transparency of decision making. It will discuss the lessons of that experience during pandemic and the implications for a culture of openness in those bodies post-pandemic.

Wed 3rd Mar 2021

Planning, Place, Housing and Resilient Communities: Making planning choices as though we were going to have to live with them

This webinar will discuss how the planning process can be shaped to deliver place making, achieve sustainability in terms of climate and public health and promote successful economic and transport outcomes. It will also consider issues such as multi-generational living, use of vacant and derelict land, fuel poverty, retrofitting and issues which have emerged in relation to affordable housing in particular during the coronavirus epidemic.

Fri 19th Feb 2021

Organisational Leadership and Culture During COVID and Beyond: What have we learned in adapting to virtual?

This webinar will examine how organisations have adapted to the challenges of virtual working during COVID, what has worked in providing leadership and keeping staff engaged, motivated and supported and what has been learned in trying to sustain organisational culture and identity so that the focus remains on serving customers and consumers while protecting the well-being of staff.

Tue 9th Feb 2021

Public Services and Public Finances After Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss the implications of the costs of coronavirus for the funding of public bodies and the delivery and quality of public services in the financial environment of ‘new normal’. It will consider possible ways in which having to deliver services differently may affect the cost and viability of service delivery and how that challenge will sit with future funding scenarios.

Thu 28th Jan 2021

Fraud in the Time of Coronavirus: Raising awareness of new and emerging risks for the public sector

This webinar will look at the emerging fraud risks for the Scottish public sector as bodies seek to deliver services for individuals, communities and businesses in an extremely difficult time. It will assess challenges suggested by identified risks in case studies and in particular relating to procurement.

Thu 10th Dec 2020

Coronavirus, Care of Older People and Future Care: What have we learned?

This webinar will discuss both the experience of caring for older people during coronavirus to date and the lessons to be drawn from that experience for future ‘new normal’.

Fri 23rd Oct 2020

Transport, Coronavirus and Economic Recovery: Infection, Innovation, Infrastructure

This webinar will discuss how adaptation, new initiatives and increased focus on infrastructure and regeneration can provide support to, and be supported by, transport. It will focus on how transport is responding and consider what the long-term reality - protracted ‘new normal’ and then post-coronavirus – will be for transport.

Fri 9th Oct 2020

Funding Recovery From Coronavirus: How will we pay?

This webinar will discuss the long term impact of coronavirus on the economy and public finances, the choices ahead in supporting the economy out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’ and the implications for businesses, households, taxation, public services and the broader economy of the those choices.

Tue 29th Sep 2020

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