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This page lists our forthcoming webinars. Please check back regularly as this page is constantly updated with new webinars and new speakers and themes are added daily.


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Public service delivery: Meeting the challenges ahead

This webinar is intended to explore how public services and the organisations delivering them have responded to, coped with and been reshaped by pandemic. It will discuss the longer-term implications for these services of the financial, demand, and sustainability effects of the pandemic and will address the questions of which services we will want, which we will need and whether we will have to choose which we can afford.

Thu 1st Jul 2021

Achievement thinking: personal resilience strategies to thrive in tough times and beyond

This webinar is intended primarily for anyone who is responding to the challenge of working from home and adapting to the demands of remote working while trying to remain connected to colleagues and ‘the office’ - particularly Executive Secretaries and PAs - but is relevant also for anyone experiencing change professionally and personally.

Thu 8th Jul 2021

Consumers, Customers and Complaints in Scotland

This webinar addresses the challenge of meeting customer and consumer expectations in Scotland for all those seeking to pre-empt, engage with, resolve or dispute complaints. In the data, digital and increasingly ‘open’ age, consumers – whether of public services or private goods - have a power never previously known. A core challenge for all organisations therefore is retaining customer and consumer trust by preventing complaints and dissatisfaction before they arise, dealing effectively with them when they do and using the complaints experience to reshape services, products and relationships with consumers in future.

Tue 13th Jul 2021

Dealing with living grief: Supporting carers

This webinar is intended to explore how people caring for someone with dementia can experience feelings of loss and grief while the person they are caring for is still alive. It will discuss how those carers - both personal and professional - can be supported through these experiences, the challenges that carers may face in recognising and coping with their journey through grief and the broader scale and impact of living grief in the context of Scotland’s wider dementia experience.

Tue 20th Jul 2021