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This page lists our forthcoming webinars. Please check back regularly as this page is constantly updated with new webinars and new speakers and themes are added daily.


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A Right to Rehabilitation in Scotland: The next step in transforming health and well being

This webinar will discuss the key implications of putting rehabilitation at the core of the strategic shift to personalised, community-based services. It will examine the challenge of giving access to rehabilitation for all when it is needed, the implications for localised workforce development and professional leadership and how health and social care strategy would need to incorporate such a right at the heart of the planning and delivery of integration.

Mon 8th Mar 2021

Rethinking Smart Cities and City Regions After Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss the immediate and long term effects of coronavirus upon our cities and city-regions.

Tue 16th Mar 2021

Data protection practice during and after pandemic: Crisis management and compliance

This webinar discusses the challenges organisations continue to face in meeting their data protection obligations during the COVID pandemic, examines how organisations have reacted and adapted to the crisis and looks at what needs to be done in respect of reviewing systems and processes to ensure acceptable levels of compliance in ‘new normal’.

Mon 29th Mar 2021

Resilience, Emergency Planning and Adaptability in the Light of Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has demonstrated the critical importance of resilience planning and revealed the value of innovation and flexibility in organisation and individual response. It will examine how we are moving from ‘just in time’ to just in case’ planning and what adaptation in this crisis can tell us about how to cope with what comes next in the public and private sectors.

Tue 20th Apr 2021

Scotland’s Public Health: Beyond Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has impacted upon our thinking about promoting public health, ways in which we can accelerate preventative public health practice more widely and the need to enhance data and intelligence sharing, collaboration and promoting improved services for population health.

Tue 27th Apr 2021

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