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Behaviour Change and Achieving Net Zero after COP: the roles of consumers, companies and public bodies

This webinar explores what drives consumer and customer behaviour on climate change. It discusses what organisations can and should do to support climate change action by better communicating with people. Finally, it examines behaviour change success in other contexts in order to reflect on what works when the challenge is tough, the change is necessary, and the reward is not immediate.

Mon 6th Dec 2021

Understanding Freeports Across the UK: driving regional growth, investment and innovation

The UK government is committed to the creation of up to ten Freeports with eight already announced this year. The Scottish Government is also committed to green ports and has received nine notes of interest in this model. However, critics of such tax-benefitting and simplified customs areas argue that there is a danger of economic activity simply being displaced from elsewhere. The challenge therefore is twofold. First, where should remaining Freeport sites be located? Second, how do all Freeports deliver real growth, attract new investment and achieve genuine innovation. This webinar explores the broader strategic purpose of Freeports. It explains their potential as catalysts of regional economic growth. Finally, it discusses lessons to be learned from successful Freeport proposals and more mature Freeport developments elsewhere.

Thu 9th Dec 2021

Delivering active travel in a changed world: why it matters and how to do it

This webinar explores and explains how active travel can be translated from a desirable policy objective into delivered, practical changes in how we live our lives travelling for both work and pleasure. It will discuss the objectives of active travel policy and investment in reshaping opportunities to travel more sustainably and more healthily, particularly following COVID. It will discuss how public bodies, private sector organisations and the general population can deliver meaningful modal shift and what practical steps are required to do so.

Tue 18th Jan 2022