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This page lists our forthcoming webinars. Please check back regularly as this page is constantly updated with new webinars and new speakers and themes are added daily.


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A Guide to Microsoft Teams

This webinar will demonstrate exactly what Teams is and how to get started with it whilst introducing some best practices along the way.

Thu 13th Aug 2020

Scotland’s Public Health: Beyond Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has impacted upon our thinking about promoting public health, ways in which we can accelerate preventative public health practice more widely and the need to enhance data and intelligence sharing, collaboration and promoting improved services for population health.

Wed 19th Aug 2020

Funding Recovery From Coronavirus: How will we pay?

This webinar will discuss the long term impact of coronavirus on the economy and public finances, the choices ahead in supporting the economy out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’ and the implications for businesses, households, taxation, public services and the broader economy of the those choices.

Thu 20th Aug 2020

Transport After Coronavirus: Infection, Innovation, Infrastructure

Transport is critical to wider economic recovery, sustains community well-being and is a core economic activity in its own right. Making sure that our transport systems, companies and services remain viable and can support the development of a Coronavirus-compliant ‘new normal’ is essential.

Tue 25th Aug 2020

Supporting Hard To Reach Children In Hard Times

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has impacted upon the ability to work with and support hard to reach children and young people, the need to recognise the nature and scale of the impact of coronavirus upon the the mental health challenge we face and what we have learned about trying to support the hardest to reach in hard times and in the times ahead.

Wed 26th Aug 2020

Public Transport and Economic Recovery from Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has challenged and reshaped our thinking about passengers, public transport and mobility. It will examine the stages of challenge and reaction for both passengers and providers – dealing with crisis, planning survival and services evolution, shaping ‘new normal’ and anticipating changed psychology and future patterns of consumption.

Thu 27th Aug 2020

OneDrive vs SharePoint: What’s the difference?

Steve McPherson will provide and overview of two applications and explain when to use one as oppose to another depending on requirements.

Wed 2nd Sep 2020

Public Services and Public Finances After Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss the implications of the costs of coronavirus for the funding of public bodies and the delivery and quality of public services in the financial environment of ‘new normal’. It will consider possible ways in which having to deliver services differently may affect the cost and viability of service delivery and how that challenge will sit with future funding scenarios.

Thu 3rd Sep 2020

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