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Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences </p>



Association with one of our conferences or webinars brings you closer to your potential partners, policy makers and opinion formers.

Sponsoring or exhibiting with us can help you to:

  • demonstrate your role as a thought leader and influence debate
  • increase awareness of what you do and what you offer
  • meet potential new partners and customers
  • reach a highly targeted audience in your field of activity

Sponsorship packages are tailored to each partner.  We will work with you to identify your core objectives and then shape what will work best for you.

Our aim is to foster long term collaboratoin with our partners by helping them to achieve their objectives through supporting our events.

To discuss how we can help you please contact Angus MacKay at or call 0131 556 1500.

We help you to Influence policy making, Inform policy development, Connect with decision makers and build your Networks.


The role of the PA is in a state of flux and evolution. For the first time in their history, Assistants are starting to get the recognition that they deserve as strategic business partners and not just as a support mechanism. That's why events like ACES are so important. They celebrate and recognise the role and its importance while encouraging Assistants to take control of their personal development, and drive their own career agendas.

Lucy Brazier, CEO, Executive Secretary Magazine,

Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences</p>