MacKay Hannah

Transport After Coronavirus: Infection, Innovation, Infrastructure

Tue 25th Aug 2020

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Transport is critical to wider economic recovery, sustains community well-being and is a core economic activity in its own right. Making sure that our transport systems, companies and services remain viable and can support the development of a Coronavirus-compliant ‘new normal’ is essential.

This webinar will discuss how adaptation, new initiatives and increased focussed on infrastructure and regeneration can provide support to, and be supported by, transport. It will focus on how transport responds to the impact upon services, finances and long-term planning posed by Coronavirus and the associated infection control challenge.

Key points

  • Where does transport now stand following Coronavirus?
  • What actions are required from the transport industry, government and consumers to stabilise transport?
  • How do we need to think and work differently in transport delivery following coronavirus?
  • How can innovation and infrastructure development support transport capacity, ensure that services and providers survive and deliver future viability and growth?


Rachel Skinner

WSP, ICE and Infrastructure Commission for Scotland

Ralph Roberts

CEO, McGill's; Chair, CPT Scotland; Chair, Traveline Scotland; and Chair, Scottish Smart & Integrated Ticketing Steering Group

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Very good to see several high profile and interesting female speakers.

Eleanor Lane, CMS,
4th Annual Scottish Transport Conference 2017

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