MacKay Hannah

The UK Internal Market Act 2020: Understanding what it means for business, politics, law and the constitution

Thu 13th May 2021

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This webinar will examine the UK Internal Market Act 2020. It will discuss why the Act was needed, what it covers, the potential challenges on regulation and standards for public and private sectors and the constitutional, political and legal implications of the Act now and in the future.

The 2020 Internal Market Act is the UK government’s attempt to deliver a system for ensuring a level playing field on regulations and standards across all of the UK now that Britain has left the EU. The many consequences of Brexit continue to be revealed as we move through 2021 and one set of issues sits around how rules and regulations previously set in Brussels are to be made, implemented and observed within the UK.

How will the powers in the Act be used and what does that mean for the future of regulations and standards across the UK? What are the implications for future law and policy making in the devolved governments? How will the conflict be resolved between goods and services being required by law to be accepted from all across the UK while complying with the standards of individual devolved governments? 

Jess Sargeant will outline the scope of the Act and the issues of contention during its passage through Parliament. Michael Dougan will discuss the range of consequences and implications of the Act in the areas of politics, constitution, economics and the law. Lynda Towers from Morton Fraser will reflect on the detail of the Act in practice and the implications and challenges for public and private sectors. 

Key points: 

  • What does the UK Internal Market Act 2020 cover?
  • How can a UK single market be reconciled with devolved law and policy?
  • Understanding the economic, legal, political and constitutional flashpoints
  • What difference will the Act make in practice for public and private sectors?
  • Implications for the future development of regulation and standards
  • Monitoring and managing – will the Office for the Internal Market matter?


Richard Kerley

Professor of Management, Queen Margaret University

Jess Sargeant

Senior Researcher, Institute for Government

Professor Michael Dougan

Professor of European Law and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law, University of Liverpool

Lynda Towers

Director of Public Law, Morton Fraser

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