MacKay Hannah

Supporting Hard To Reach Children In Hard Times

Wed 26th Aug 2020

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Scotland’s child and adolescent mental health services were the focus of a transformation strategy prior to the emergence of coronavirus and the impact of lengthy lockdown. The aim was to deliver the recommendations of the Joint Task Force on Children and Young People’s Mental Health for a new focus on prevention and early intervention and better joined-up and seamless general support. How has coronavirus affected reaching these objectives, what are the mental health effects of the crisis and where do we go next in trying to support hard to reach children and young people?

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has impacted upon the ability to work with and support hard to reach children and young people, the need to recognise the nature and scale of the impact of coronavirus upon the the mental health challenge we face and what we have learned about trying to support the hardest to reach in hard times and in the times ahead.

Key points

  • How has coronavirus affected our ability and timescale for intervention and transformation?
  • Has the profound effect of coronavirus upon families and society changed the nature of the children’s mental health challenge?
  • What can be replicated from wider innovation seen during lockdown for children’s mental health application?
  • What might the ‘new normal’ and economic/public services picture ahead mean for support and service provision?


Martin Dorchester

Chief Executive, Includem

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It was my first time at a conference as a delegate and I have to say I was VERY impressed. I will be highly recommending this event to contacts both internal and external to the University. The speakers were all excellent and inspirational and I look forward to seeing the presentations in due course. I liked the feel of the day, it was relaxed and the chance to mingle with others was helpful, not only during the group discussion but also in the market place. Afterwards I wrote down 10 points which were either learned or reinforced and 10 action points for self-development – so as you can see I found it to be very useful as well as enjoyable.

Susan Kellie,
University of Strathclyde

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