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The UK Internal Market Act 2020: Understanding what it means for business, politics, law and the constitution


Richard Kerley

Professor of Management, Queen Margaret University

Professor Richard Kerley is currently Professor of Management with a specific interest in public service management. He was previously at the University of Edinburgh and the Scottish Local Authorities Management Centre, University of Strathclyde . He has also been a visiting scholar at Yale University. Before entering academic life, Richard worked in advertising, hospitality and in prison education. He also worked for four different councils, in adult education and then latterly in staff and management development. He is currently also a Non Executive Director and chairs the board of The Audience Business (a not for profit audience development organisation); is a director of the Centre for Scottish Public Policy; Newbattle Abbey College: and the Edinburgh Mela.

Richard is the author of various books, research papers, academic journals and numerous articles in the quality print media. His most recent publications include a book chapter on performance in public services and journal papers on the management of urban car parking and Outcome Agreements in local government. Richard chaired the Scottish Executive Working Party on Renewing Local Democracy; the report of which was published in July 2000 and which was legislated for in June 2004 as the Local Governance Act. He has carried out research projects supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Scottish Consumer Council, Alcohol Scotland, The Accounts Commission Scotland, Tayside, Edinburgh and Fife Councils, the Association of MBAs and the Scottish Government. He has been engaged in consultancy projects by government; local governments; government agencies; voluntary organisations and trading companies in property development; retail and the law.


Jess Sargeant

Senior Researcher, Institute for Government

Jess is a senior researcher working on devolution. She joined the Institute in May 2019 from the House of Lords Library.

Jess previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Constitution Unit, University College London where she researched referendums. She graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Politics.


Professor Michael Dougan

Professor of European Law and Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law, University of Liverpool

Michael graduated in Law from the University of Cambridge (BA Hons in 1996; PhD in 2001). He has previously worked as a Lecturer in Law at the University of Cambridge and at University College London. He was appointed Professor of European Law at the University of Liverpool in 2004.

Michael works primarily in the field of EU Law. His research interests include:

  • EU institutional and constitutional law - especially the relationship between Union law and the national legal systems.
  • Law of the Single Market - especially the free movement of goods, persons and services, and Union regulatory competence / strategies.
  • EU welfare law - especially the free movement and equal treatment rights of Union citizens, and cross-border social security coordination.
  • UK withdrawal from the European Union - including its impact on both the domestic and European legal systems.

Michael's work has contributed to wider public and political debates about European law.

For example, he has provided written evidence to numerous UK Parliamentary enquiries; appeared as an expert witness before various Parliamentary committees in the House of Commons, House of Lords, Scottish Parliament and European Parliament; and provided external advice / training to a range of UK Government departments, the Scottish and Welsh Governments as well as Union institutions such as the European Parliament, European Central Bank and European Commission.

Michael's public engagement activities, including videos of his lectures before and after the 2016 UK referendum, received extensive public and media attention and he continues to be a popular authority on the matter for individuals and groups all around the world - delivering regular lectures and talks to community and citizen groups all across the UK.

A note on the University of Liverpool's "Jean Monnet Chair in EU Law" (which has been the subject of extensive misinformation, both before and after the 2016 referendum):

In 2006, the University of Liverpool was awarded a Jean Monnet Chair – a form of EU grant for research and education, not (despite its title) an academic post or position – consisting of €36,000 (approx. £24,000 at the time). Under the terms of the grant, part of the money was spent on a major academic conference, the outputs from which were published by the usual process of international peer review. The remaining funds were spent on the Law School's general teaching costs. The Jean Monnet award itself has long since been closed. However, for so long as he remains an employee of the University of Liverpool, he is entitled to continue referring to the 2006 award among his own professional distinctions. He is very happy and proud to do so, since such awards carry considerable prestige within his academic discipline.

For further information, read:



Lynda Towers

Director of Public Law, Morton Fraser

Lynda is Director of Public Law within our Litigation Division based in Edinburgh.

She has spent most of her career with the Scottish Government, advising on public law issues. She has been involved in instructing and drafting legislation and has had considerable experience in public sector litigation in courts in Scotland and across the UK. She specialised in judicial review challenges, planning and other statutory appeals and in general reparation.

Lynda spent 8 years as Solicitor to the Scottish Parliament where she advised the Presiding Officer, the Chief Executive and the Committees of the Parliament on matters of legislative competence and on wider issues of public law. Lynda has a significant breadth of understanding of public and constitutional law issues in Scotland, of related litigation and of the policy and process surrounding law and decision making.

Lynda’s areas of expertise lie in litigation and dispute resolution, public procurement and state aid, personal injury, government, local government, public sector partners, data protection and GDPR.


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