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Achievement thinking: personal resilience strategies to thrive in tough times and beyond


John Hotowka

Motivational and Business Speaker

John is a business speaker, humorist and magician who has first-hand experience of the highs and lows associated with running a business on his own. He started his solo career in 1989 and built a very successful business. In 2002 he suffered a crisis in confidence and nearly lost everything.
He studied high achievers, NLP, neuroscience and read through a lorry-load of personal development material. He also gained extensive industry knowledge and insight working with numerous blue-chip organisations and small businesses.
After distilling his findings he developed his ‘Achievement Thinking’ methodology which he used to rebuild his life and career, piece by piece.
He now teaches ‘Achievement Thinking’ to countless corporate and smaller business clients each year, equipping his audiences with the tools they need to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. When organisations want their people to work smarter, be empowered and inspired, they turn to John Hotowka.
John is in the business of strengthening and protecting the mental wellbeing of individuals and teams, so that you can negotiate change and uncertainty, with peace of mind, focussed action and motivation.

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Always find this conference interesting for personal development. great range of topics and lunch was superb. Really enjoyed the day, roll on next year!

Nicola Candlin, NHS 24,
Delegate at ACES 2015