MacKay Hannah

Scotland's Budget 2016

Tue 13th Sep 2016

, Morton Fraser Lawyers

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This new annual briefing event will analyse the state of the economy, the public finances and the options open to the Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Finance as the Scottish Government prepares for its Budget later in the year.

This seminar – the first of its kind in Scotland – will bring together leading experts from the Fraser of Allander Institute alongside key figures in the business and policy communities to discuss the priorities for Scottish public spending and taxation.

It aims to inform key stakeholders – business, central & local government, the third sector, and trade unions – of both the context in which the Budget will be set and key policy choices.

The event will also be an early opportunity to reflect on the implications for the public finances of the recent vote by the UK to leave the European Union and the fiscal options open to the Scottish Government to respond to a post-Brexit world.

Papers supporting the event will be published in a Special Issue of the Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary.


Graeme Roy

Director, Fraser of Allander Institute, Strathclyde Business School, University of Strathclyde

Paul Johnson

Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies


Caroline Gardner Auditor General for Scotland

Brian Ashcroft Economics Editor, Fraser of Allander Economic Commentary

Katerina Lisenkova Head of Economic Modelling, Fraser of Allander Institute

David Eiser Head of Fiscal Analysis, Fraser of Allander Institute

Charlotte Barbour Director of Taxation, ICAS

Stephen Boyle Head of Group Economics, Royal Bank of Scotland

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