MacKay Hannah

Scotland’s third sector and COVID recovery: How do we build back better?

Tue 1st Jun 2021

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This webinar will explore the critical role of Scotland’s third sector in supporting communities, public services and the economy as they grapple with the task of delivering recovery from the COVID pandemic. It will discuss the strategic importance of third sector activities in all aspects of Scottish life, the centrality of clarity in leadership and funding within and for the sector and the prospective role and challenges for the sector in helping to deliver recovery and aiming to ‘build back better’.

Two reports published amid COVID crystalised positive external perspectives on the importance of a strong, secure and thriving third sector for Scotland. The Advisory Group on Economic Recovery for Scotland called for protection of the capacity and financial sustainability of the sector. The Social Renewal Advisory Board called for active support to enhance the capabilities of the third sector across Scotland and a focus on long-term, sustainable funding. These views are simply and clearly stated, but what needs to happen next if their objectives are to be achieved?

How is the capacity and financial sustainability of the sector to be supported as we move out of pandemic? What is the solution to meeting the challenge of rising demand while addressing financial instability? What steps should government take to deliver flexible funding, greater collaboration around procurement and encouraging private investment in the sector? Does learning on flexibility and innovation during COVID contain opportunity for the third sector to support nimbler, more efficient and better joined up services? Have we finally found a point where the prevention agenda, co-production and placemaking can be given primacy in the reshaping of communities, services and an economy fit for purpose in the digital and global age? What is the role of the sector in achieving the Social Renewal Advisory Board’s objectives on money and work, people, rights and advancing equality and communities and collective endeavour?

Key points

  • The strategic role and value of the third sector
  • Leadership, resilience and strength: turning high esteem into high value
  • The role of the third sector in ‘Building Back Better’ and the challenges ahead
  • Christie Commission principles, long term thinking and a sustainable third sector
  • What has happened to the third sector in 2020, where do we stand?
  • New demands and new normal: what’s next?
  • Third sector and the co-production, prevention agenda and placemaking ideal
  • Achieving Social Renewal Advisory Board objectives: start here


Dr Sophie Flemig

Chief Executive, Cattanach

Anna Fowlie


Pat Armstrong

Chief Executive, ACOSVO

SallyAnn Kelly

Chief Executive, Aberlour

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We are becoming dangerously used to speaking and thinking of an ageing population as a problem, a burden on public purse and private resources alike... As things stand, more than half the over 60 population are involved in some sort of formal and structured voluntary work; over half of the population believes that this is part of what they should aspire to in later life, and a third are willing to take part in informal volunteering. These facts are of basic importance. It means, quite simply, that a majority of the older population are ready to do what they can, unpaid, to support the fabric of society; they are doing exactly what we expect responsible citizens to do.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams,
House of Lords Debate on 'The place and contribution of older people in society' (14 December 2012)