MacKay Hannah

Scotland’s Public Health: Beyond Coronavirus

Tue 27th Apr 2021

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Scotland faces huge public health challenges beyond the current battle against Coronavirus. Health inequalities, stalled life expectancy, drug related deaths, alcohol and tobacco related illnesses and the impact of climate change are all direct threats to our national well-being. What have we learned from the fight against Coronavirus and how do we capture the innovation and collaboration developed in that crisis to inform our strategies on broader public health challenges?

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has impacted upon our thinking about promoting public health, ways in which we can accelerate preventative public health practice more widely and the need to enhance data and intelligence sharing, collaboration and promoting improved services for population health. 

Key points

  • What have we learned about our public health strategy from coronavirus?
  • How do we capture the innovation, flexibility and best practice we have seen during lockdown and social distancing for wider application?
  • What does an effective balance between national and local public health practice look like?
  • What might the economic and public spending picture ahead mean for priorities in public health promotion?

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