MacKay Hannah

Resilience, Emergency Planning and Adaptability in the Light of Coronavirus

Tue 20th Apr 2021

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The impact of Coronavirus upon the economy and private companies and individuals and public services has been profound, sweeping away our notions of what is permanent, what is possible and what has potential. A key factor has emerged – the need for both resilience and flexibility in meeting the challenges presented. What have we learned from the response to Coronavirus and how do we capture best practice in resilience, business continuity and innovation to move forward successfully?

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has demonstrated the critical importance of resilience planning and revealed the value of innovation and flexibility in organisation and individual response. It will examine how we are moving from ‘just in time’ to just in case’ planning and what adaptation in this crisis can tell us about how to cope with what comes next in the public and private sectors.

Key Points

  • What have we learned about our resilience capacity from coronavirus?
  • How do we capture the innovation, flexibility and best practice we have seen during lockdown and social distancing for longer term application?
  • What does an effective balance between national, local and individual organisational response look like?
  • As we move toward ‘new normal’ how should we be thinking in planning for uncertainty?
  • Planning for business continuity and resilience in the context of a possible second and ongoing waves of Coronavirus and for future threats

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Good mix of speakers/balance between academic basis and practical examples

Niki Maclean - SPSO,
Delegate: Behavioural Insights & Scottish Public Services Conference

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