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RED Hot Confidence: Building motivation, confidence and wellbeing

Thu 3rd Mar 2022

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Everyone wants to be able to be able to motivate, focus and present themselves as effectively as possible in any situation, both in person and online. Being able to do so directly affects how we are perceived at work and is also important for personal relationships. However,  most of us have found ourselves wishing we could just ‘get our act together’ at one time or another. The desire to make yourself seen, clearly heard and understood can often be inhibited. Sometimes that can be due to uncertainty about what you want to say. At other times the challenge is not what you want to say but how to convey it. Therefore, understanding how to unlock your confidence, positivity and self-belief is an essential tool in setting and reaching professional and personal goals.

This webinar is intended for anyone who wants to ‘reset’ how they present, communicate, work and feel. It is particularly for anyone who has been responding to the challenge of home working while trying to remain connected to colleagues and ‘the office’ or adapting to their pre-covid work environment now operating differently. It is relevant for anyone experiencing change professionally and personally.

Mel Sherwood specialises in working with entrepreneurs, business professionals and anyone who, in or out of the workplace, wants to express themselves with confidence, credibility and charisma.

There is no denying that our worlds have changed significantly since March last year. And for some of us, that change has been a bit of a challenge – adapting to new ways of working may have had an impact on your motivation, your confidence and your general sense of wellbeing. In this session, which will include tips on how to be credible and engaging online, Mel will share a simple, powerful concept to boost your confidence, increase your positivity, and improve your self-belief.

Mel Sherwood is an author, speaker and founder of The RED Effect. The concept all started with a car, a lipstick, and a throwaway comment! Now it has become a method you can use in simple, practical steps to focus your energy, retain balance and perspective and achieve the goals you want to meet.

Key points

  • Why it is important to recognise and embrace the ‘real’ you
  • How to feel more motivated, focused and positive when you’re under pressure
  • How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes people make when appearing on video
  • How to adapt and confidently express the best version of you in any situation


Mel Sherwood

Pitch & Presentation Specialist and Founder of The RED Effect

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I thought the programme was spot on, focussed, bite sized and held my attention throughout. Excellent.

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