MacKay Hannah

Public Transport and Economic Recovery from Coronavirus

Thu 27th Aug 2020

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Public and passenger transport faces dramatic unanticipated challenges as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. Huge reductions in passengers, dramatic loss of revenues and fragile passenger confidence. How does passenger transport survive coronavirus? What will ‘new normal’ mean for passenger services? Where is action needed to ensure that passenger transport is in a fit state to support wider economic recovery?

This webinar will discuss how coronavirus has challenged and reshaped our thinking about passengers, public transport and mobility. It will examine the stages of challenge and reaction for both passengers and providers – dealing with crisis, planning survival and services evolution, shaping ‘new normal’ and anticipating changed psychology and future patterns of consumption.

Key points

  • What has been the impact upon passenger transport of coronavirus and lockdown?
  • How does mass mobility cope economically with social distancing, changed passenger psychology and the nature and length of ‘new normal’?
  • Economic recovery and effective passenger transport are intimately linked – what support does transport need in order for it to support wider economic recovery?
  • Does coronavirus and its impact mean we have to permanently change how we think about public transport?
  • Understanding what passengers now think


David Hytch

Head of Strategy and Innovation, Franklin Energy

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David Wood, PAS,
Delegate - Planning Conference 2019

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