MacKay Hannah

Public Services and Public Finances After Coronavirus

Thu 28th Jan 2021

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Public finances have changed dramatically in just a few months. Public spending and debt is rising enormously as a consequence of the impact of coronavirus. As lockdown recedes and the emergency measures associated with coronavirus come to an end, the business of delivering core public services remains.

What will the short, medium and long-term consequences be for our public finances and the funding and delivery of our public services? Will we see cuts or enhanced investment in capital and revenue expenditure to promote recovery? How should public bodies plan for future funding?

This webinar will discuss the implications of the costs of coronavirus for the funding of public bodies and the delivery and quality of public services in the financial environment of ‘new normal’. It will consider possible ways in which having to deliver services differently may affect the cost and viability of service delivery and how that challenge will sit with future funding scenarios.

Key Points

  • Where do our public finances currently stand?
  • What are the options for government in funding higher expenditure and dealing with debt?
  • How should public bodies be thinking, planning and acting for what may come next?
  • What might the economic and public spending picture ahead mean for priorities in public health promotion?


Michael Taylor

Chief Economist, ACCA

Alex Metcalfe

Head of Public Sector Policy, ACCA

Richard Robinson

Senior Manager - Performance Audit & Best Value, Audit Scotland

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This was a very well delivered seminar with plenty of opportunity for comments. The quality of the content across all sessions was excellent.

Pauline McWalter, Enable (Elgin and District Branch),
Delegate at Educational Attainment and Children's Rights Seminar