MacKay Hannah

Public service delivery: meeting the challenges ahead

Thu 1st Jul 2021

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This webinar is intended to explore how public services and the organisations delivering them have responded to, coped with and been reshaped by pandemic. It will discuss the longer-term implications for these services of the financial, demand, and sustainability effects of the pandemic and will address the questions of which services we will want, which we will need and whether we will have to choose which we can afford.

The effects of pandemic have been and continue to be profound. The impact upon public services, their delivery and the organisations responsible for them is raising fundamental questions about the purpose of those services during and after pandemic. Paying for the cost of pandemic, its effects on the shape and availability of services, the consequences of different demand as working and living patterns evolve and the effects of deferred demand - particularly in health and care – all pose tough challenges.

How is future public expenditure likely to impact upon services as pandemic debt is addressed? Does learning on flexibility and innovation during COVID contain opportunity for services to be nimbler, more efficient and better joined up? Can the challenge of meeting this public health emergency help to reshape public services to better meet – or even avoid – a future crisis? Have we finally found a point at which the prevention agenda, co-production and placemaking can be given primacy in the reshaping of services fit for purpose in the digital and global age?

Professor Mitchell will consider the purpose and shape of public services before and after COVID. Dr Moir will discuss what has been learned as public bodies and public services have worked to cope with COVID. Adam Lang will reflect on public sector innovation and reform and what ‘building back better’ would look like. 

Key points

  • Purpose and shape of public services before and after COVID
  • What has been learned as public services work to cope with the pandemic?
  • How public sector innovation and reform can help to ‘building back better’
  • The opportunity of prevention, long term thinking and replicating excellence
  • New demands and new normal - what is coming next?
  • Shaping services around people and communities


Richard Kerley

Professor of Management, Queen Margaret University

Professor James Mitchell

Professor of Public Policy, University of Edinburgh

Dr Stephen Moir

Executive Director of Resources, The City of Edinburgh Council

Adam Lang

Head of Nesta Scotland

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