MacKay Hannah

Planning, Place, Housing and Resilient Communities: Making planning choices as though we were going to have to live with them

Fri 19th Feb 2021

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Pandemic has helped to reveal a fundamental truth about our communities. Community resilience depends upon two elements: whether planning outcomes look to reflect the long-term interests of communities and whether communities actively involve themselves in shaping where and how they live and work. This is as true for climate, economic, transport and public health resilience as it is for the resilience of the houses, offices and other buildings we plan and construct. The planning system is only as good as its ability to listen and the community wishing to shape the sustainable nature of the place they live is only as good as its ability and willingness to engage in informed consultation.  

This webinar will discuss how the planning process can be shaped to deliver place making, achieve sustainability in terms of climate and public health and promote successful economic and transport outcomes. It will also consider issues such as multi-generational living, use of vacant and derelict land, fuel poverty, retrofitting and issues which have emerged in relation to affordable housing in particular during the coronavirus epidemic. 

Key Points 

  • Understanding the relationship between the way we live, move and work and how that determines health, well-being and quality of life 
  • Remembering the purpose of planning: development for communities 
  • Planning matters so how do we move from passive to positive active participants? 
  • Why place making turns buildings and spaces into communities 
  • What would sustainable, effective, community engaged development look like? 


Allan Lundmark

Board Member, Eildon Housing Association

Petra Biberbach

Chief Executive, PAS

Diarmaid Lawlor

Associate Director - Place, Scottish Futures Trust

Donald Anderson

Director, Playfair Scotland

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Ken Macdonald,
Assistant Commissioner (Scotland & Northern Ireland)