MacKay Hannah

Placemaking in Scotland: What is it and how will it be funded and delivered?

Thu 20th May 2021

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This webinar explores and explains the purpose, value and practice of placemaking. It will discuss the objectives of placemaking in the shaping of services and projects, the opportunities for placemaking in Scotland afforded by a place-based funding programme and how to deliver effective placemaking in practice.

Across the public sector, there is a growing focus on place and placemaking which recognises two important principles. Public sector investment which reflects holistic planning across agency and service boundaries is more likely to be successful and better value for money. Decisions on services and projects which are informed and driven by the communities they are designed for will have higher levels of engagement and use.

Delivering effective placemaking requires a seamless approach across the public sector. Such an approach looks at how public assets can be deployed collaboratively to deliver joined up services, give communities better outcomes, realise savings and efficiencies and facilitate greater economic growth. So what are the practical steps in terms of policy, funding and processes which will support placemaking in Scotland? How will placemaking principles be embedded into public sector service design and spending practices? What mechanisms will be used to facilitate the co-production of place projects across agencies and between consumers and providers of services? 

Diarmaid Lawlor will consider the philosophy and purpose of placemaking. Sam Cassels will discuss a place-based programme for services and communities. David Welsh will reflect on what the design and delivery of placemaking looks like in practice. 

Key points 

  • What is the purpose of placemaking?
  • A place-based investment programme
  • What does placemaking look like in practice?
  • Supporting collaboration, co-decision making and community leadership
  • How does placemaking knit with existing services and structures?
  • Rethinking the approach to development of projects and services
  • The next five years of placemaking in Scotland – what is coming?


Steve Turner

Director, Connected Places Catapult (Webinar Chair)

Diarmaid Lawlor

Associate Director, Place, Scottish Futures Trust

Sam Cassels

Place Principal Adviser, Scottish Government

David Welsh

Director, MainStreet Consulting

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Refreshing venue and stimulating topic. Well organised and great presentations. Thank you.

Dorothy Armstrong - SPSO,
Delegate: Behavioural Insights & Scottish Public Services Conference