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How to get your message across to government and MSPs and comply with lobbying rules

Organisations in the public, private and third sectors all need to be able to communicate effectively with government and MSPs. The webinar examines how, when and where policy is made and decisions taken. What influences the decision makers? Where and when should you seek to intervene? How can you best campaign effectively? What do you need to know to stay within lobbying rules?

Wed 27th Oct 2021

Public sector fraud during and after pandemic: How to understand the new risks

This webinar will focus on the new risks of public sector fraud which have emerged during pandemic. It will consider evidence and insight from what has been seen during the pandemic period, discuss potential vulnerabilities and how to deploy best practice to remain alert to unfolding challenges and reflect upon the nature of non-pandemic related fraud during and beyond pandemic.

Tue 31st Aug 2021

Public service delivery: meeting the challenges ahead

This webinar is intended to explore how public services and the organisations delivering them have responded to, coped with and been reshaped by pandemic. It will discuss the longer-term implications for these services of the financial, demand, and sustainability effects of the pandemic and will address the questions of which services we will want, which we will need and whether we will have to choose which we can afford.

Thu 1st Jul 2021

Accountability, information and openness in pandemic and beyond

The webinar will explore how the COVID pandemic and its consequences have impacted upon public bodies in terms of availability of information, effects upon accountability and transparency of decision making. It will discuss the lessons of that experience during pandemic and the implications for a culture of openness in those bodies post-pandemic.

Wed 3rd Mar 2021

Organisational Leadership and Culture During COVID and Beyond: What have we learned in adapting to virtual?

This webinar will examine how organisations have adapted to the challenges of virtual working during COVID, what has worked in providing leadership and keeping staff engaged, motivated and supported and what has been learned in trying to sustain organisational culture and identity so that the focus remains on serving customers and consumers while protecting the well-being of staff.

Tue 9th Feb 2021

Public Services and Public Finances After Coronavirus

This webinar will discuss the implications of the costs of coronavirus for the funding of public bodies and the delivery and quality of public services in the financial environment of ‘new normal’. It will consider possible ways in which having to deliver services differently may affect the cost and viability of service delivery and how that challenge will sit with future funding scenarios.

Thu 28th Jan 2021

Fraud in the Time of Coronavirus: Raising awareness of new and emerging risks for the public sector

This webinar will look at the emerging fraud risks for the Scottish public sector as bodies seek to deliver services for individuals, communities and businesses in an extremely difficult time. It will assess challenges suggested by identified risks in case studies and in particular relating to procurement.

Thu 10th Dec 2020

Scotland's Budget 2018

This annual briefing analyses the state of the economy, the public finances and the options open to the Scottish Finance Minister as the Scottish Government prepares for its Budget.

Thu 8th Nov 2018

Morton Fraser Lawyers

Scotland's Budget 2017

This annual briefing analyses the state of the economy, the public finances and the options open to the Scottish Finance Minister as the Scottish Government prepares for its Budget later in the month.

Tue 26th Sep 2017

Morton Fraser Lawyers

Dealing With Debt and Mental Health

Debt and mental health are closely linked. This seminar considers how Scotland's public and private sectors can learn from effective debt management processes currently being used in the private sector - particularly by banks - to deliver better debt collection rates, protect mental health and safeguard a creditor's reputation.

Tue 13th Jun 2017

Morton Fraser Lawyers

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