MacKay Hannah

Organisational Leadership and Culture During COVID and Beyond: What have we learned in adapting to virtual?

Tue 9th Feb 2021

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Organisations in the public, private and third sectors have all had to cope with new working practices driven by the COVID pandemic. Almost overnight, organisations, teams and individuals have had to move to remote virtual working and to remain that way for most of a year. While trying to continue to fulfil their roles – or learning new ones in response to emergency – staff have been expected to deliver for consumers and customers while also coping with the isolation and disorientation of remote home working.

How have staff coped? What have managers and employers learned? Sustaining employee motivation, retaining the sense of common purpose arising from team working and looking after the mental and physical health of employees are all a further challenge above and beyond the core task of maintaining a sense of organisational purpose and culture. So for as long as crisis driven remote working continues – and for new patterns of working which may endure beyond pandemic – what can we learn to adopt as good practice and avoid as bad?

Key points

  • Understanding the importance of making teams real when the team is virtual
  • The role of leaders and leadership in atomised workplaces
  • Prioritising knowing and promoting the well-being of isolated staff
  • How can lessons learned in COVID apply to longer term change in working practices?
  • What would best practice look like if people continue substantial remote working?
  • What do staff want, need and value?


Suzanne Lamont

Managing Partner - Talent and Organisation Health, Hanya Partners

Nick Richmond

Director, Tricordant

Bonnie Clarke

CEO, Re:markable

Katy Miller

Head of Human Resources, City of Edinburgh Council

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