MacKay Hannah

Infrastructure, Growth and Recovery in Scotland

Fri 14th May 2021

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This webinar is intended to explore how infrastructure investment and project development in Scotland can be structured to support economic recovery after Covid, contribute to meeting climate change targets and deliver the infrastructure needed to bring sustainable growth and employment. It will discuss how project pipelines, partnering and focussing on delivering value can unlock much wider economic and growth benefits beyond built infrastructure.

The effects of pandemic have been and continue to be profound. The impact on the economy, on a wide range of policy areas in which development has had to be stalled and upon employment and growth opportunities demands an equally imaginative response. The major economic challenge is to restart our economy quickly and with imagination and impact. Infrastructure investment deployed innovatively to support growth and recovery is an opportunity we have to seize.

How do we ensure that Scotland is open for investment business in the project areas we want and which infrastructure developers and funders want to support? Which partnerships and mechanisms can see public budgets used to leverage in private investment and partnership to drive much greater scale and return? What is the best way to use infrastructure investment strategically to deliver both long term benefit and immediate gains in jobs and skills development? What can Scottish Government, our delivery agencies and public bodies such as local government do to maximise the infrastructure investment opportunity as we move through COVID?

Tony Rose will consider the potential role of infrastructure in Scotland. Steve Turner will discuss how we can use infrastructure investment strategically to maximise economic return. Jonathan Guthrie will reflect on what is possible in leveraging investment for growth, employment and recovery.

Key points

  • Purpose and shape of public services before and after COVID
  • What has been learned as public services work to cope with the pandemic?
  • How public sector innovation and reform can help to ‘building back better’
  • The opportunity of prevention, long-term thinking and replicating excellence
  • New demands and new normal - what is coming next?
  • Shaping services around people and communities


Tony Rose

Secretariat, Infrastructure Commission for Scotland

Steve Turner

Director, Connected Places Catapult

Jonathan Guthrie

Director Public Sector Partnerships, Robertson

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A good mix of speakers with different angles and inputs.

David Ashman, Inverclyde Council,
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