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Imminent Brexit in January 2021: Understanding what is about to happen

Wed 9th Dec 2020

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In less than 30 days from the date of this webinar the UK will leave the European Union and Brexit will be in force. All of our public and private organisations will be operating in a completely different context, but do we really understand the impact this will have? What will it mean in practical terms and how will life change for business, public services, people and our economy? What do we know will be different? What can we predict will be better or worse? What will be the key challenges in our international relationships - particularly for business - and what will be the impact upon our domestic institutions and practices?

This webinar will discuss both the immediate and the longer term impact of Brexit, reflecting on core issues such as the economy in the post-Brexit period including immigration and the labour market and the implications of the Internal Market Bill, public law, law-making and regulation and the challenges faced by business in complying with new trading rules, logistics and remaining competitive.

Key points

  • What are the immediate implications of Brexit in January?
  • What will our new economic circumstances be, how may our laws and requirements for regulatory compliance change and what should private and public sectors expect?
  • Is the business environment one of threat, opportunity or both? What are currently the biggest issues facing business?
  • How might the confluence of Brexit and gradual emergence from Covid combine in 2021?


Lynda Towers

Director of Public Law, Morton Fraser Lawyers

Professor David Bell

Professor of Economics, University of Stirling

Carolyn Currie

Chief Executive, Women's Enterprise Scotland

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I was drawn to this conference as I am a training manager and like to gain any information to pass to workers. All of the speakers were very good and held my attention well.

Lorraine Rushton, Avenue Care Services,
Delegate at 5th Annual Care of Older People Conference, November 2017

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