MacKay Hannah

Delivering active travel in a changed world: why it matters and how to do it

Tue 18th Jan 2022

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This webinar explores and explains how active travel can be translated from a desirable policy objective into delivered, practical changes in how we live our lives travelling for both work and pleasure. It will discuss the objectives of active travel policy and investment in reshaping opportunities to travel more sustainably and more healthily, particularly following COVID. It will discuss how public bodies, private sector organisations and the general population can deliver meaningful modal shift and what practical steps are required to do so.

Active travel may never have a better prospect of taking hold and transforming the way we think and act about transport and movement, whether for work or leisure. Three significant elements have combined to make the growth of active travel and the delivery of practical initiatives to support it both essential and desirable - pandemic, placemaking and climate change. Collectively these have prompted a reset in the way we think about how we live.

Pandemic is reshaping where and when we work and how and why we travel. Placemaking is influencing how we plan our communities and what we think about cities, towns and villages. Climate change is forcing us to reduce our carbon emissions and consider fundamental changes in our lifestyles. In responding to all three, active travel is a significant part of the answer.

So what are the practical steps in terms of policy, funding, projects and population behaviour which will support transformational improvement in active travel? How can principles which enhance active travel be embedded into decision making in the public and private sector? What are the impediments that need to be removed and the incentives which need to be put in place to enable active travel to make our communities healthier and more sustainable?

Scott Cain will consider how we get from policy to delivery in active travel. Ian McCall will discuss what it takes to make walking easier. Angus Rodney will reflect on promoting cycling and behaviour change. Kathryn Ratcliffe will speak on the experience of developing an Active Travel App for Wales.

Key points 

  • How do we get from active travel policy to delivery?
  • Promoting and supporting walking
  • Cycling and behaviour change
  • Active travel in practice - what works?
  • Tackling environmental, organisational and personal barriers to walking in active travel
  • Success in active travel - what do we already know and how can we replicate it?
  • Active travel through and after pandemic - what is coming?


Scott Cain

Founder and CEO, Active Things and Associate, Connected Places Catapult

Ian McCall

Senior Development Officer, Paths for All

Angus Rodney

Business Development Coordinator, Scotland Love to Ride

Kathryn Ratcliffe

Delivery Manager – Livestock Information Programme; and Welsh Government Electronic Register of Common Land, CGI

Richard Kerley

Professor of Management, Queen Margaret University and SRK Consultancy

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Presentations were very interesting and motivational.

Hayley Wallace - Education,
Delegate Closing Scotland's Education Poverty and Attainment Gap