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How do we support small business post-COVID recovery in Scotland?

Tue 17th Aug 2021

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This webinar explores the challenges faced by the small business sector in Scotland as society and the economy begin to emerge from COVID restrictions. It will discuss what SMEs need to support their efforts to survive, innovate, adapt and be flexible in order to find growth and thrive in the new normal. What can key partners in government and the finance sector do to assist Scotland’s entrepreneur base as it re-emerges into the new economy?

Scotland’s small businesses are a critical part of our economy, collectively employing around 60% of the Scottish workforce. Their long-term wellbeing – including everything from business start-ups through to longer established SMEs – therefore directly impacts upon our capacity to pursue sustainable growth, nurture our communities, maintain stable public finances and survive and compete in the global economy. What then are the best strategy and most important practical steps that can be taken to help delivery recovery from COVID for our small businesses sector?

How is small business affected by changes in consumer behaviour? What impact may new travel, working patterns and locations have on small business? How can we minimise uncertainty for business in an increasingly uncertain economy? What can and will government and those financing small business do to help and what should they not do if they want to avoid putting more hurdles in the way of survival and the return to growth? What thinking and flexibility should SMEs adopt in order to find new business opportunity and to be prepared should the COVID tail prove longer than hoped for?

Colin Borland will discuss the reality of what small businesses are facing. Carolyn Currie will reflect on how we can support innovation, adaption and flexibility. Jim Watson will consider how we can best promote long term recovery and sustainable growth. 

Key points

  • What is small business now facing?
  • How do we support innovation, adaption and flexibility?
  • Promoting long-term recovery and sustainable growth
  • Encouraging and supporting ‘nimble business’ for survival and growth
  • What’s needed, what’s coming and what’s been learned?
  • Delivering investment to SMEs for growth
  • ‘Do no harm’ – helping small business or, at least, not making problems worse
  • How can government, local government and agencies help?


Liz McAreavey

Chief Executive, Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Colin Borland

Director of Devolved Nations, Federation of Small Businesses

Carolyn Currie

Chief Executive, Women's Enterprise Scotland

Jim Watson

Director of Business Services, Scottish Enterprise

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This was a unique event and subject matter was relevant. All excellent speakers - good mix and good to have several short presentations. Well chaired.

Nicola Hudson, SPICe,
Fraser of Allander Scotland's Budget Briefing, 26 September 2017