MacKay Hannah

Health Services Delivery and Coronavirus: Learning and Sharing Innovation from Public and Private Sector Experiences

Tue 2nd Feb 2021

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Health services and practices have been placed under immense pressure by coronavirus to both meet the treatment needs of those with the virus whilst also delivering all the other health care demands the NHS normally provides. At the same time, virus related protocols on distancing, containment and clinical standards have had to be observed. What innovation within health structures, services and practices has emerged as a result? Can innovation in other services in the public and private sectors be applied in a health context to achieve greater safety, improved services and better patient outcomes?

This webinar will discuss the implications for health of some of the innovation which has emerged across all industries and sectors in responding to coronavirus. It will examine how opportunities presented by a wide range of both adoption and innovation such as in contactless technology, data analytics and robotics could be implemented in the health context. It will consider how innovation in health might be effectively discovered in a wide number of opportunities ranging from the use of strategic interventions such as data analytics through to specific applications such as UV light in sterilising rooms.

Key Points

  • How has the delivery of health services responded to the constraints of coronavirus?
  • Have we simply seen accelerated adoption of existing technology or is there real innovation in health?
  • Where are the opportunities to implement change that drives better care, delivers higher standards and enables resources to better focus on patients?
  • What transformative experiences of innovation have been seen in other services and sectors that may be applicable to health?


Professor Matthew Cooke

Chief Clinical Officer, Capgemini UK

Richard Kerley

Professor of Management, Queen Margaret University and Webinar Chair

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