MacKay Hannah

Funding Recovery From Coronavirus: How will we pay?

Thu 20th Aug 2020

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Huge government deficits are being created in order to fund the vast range of support required to keep the economy afloat. How will this debt be paid for in the short, medium and long term and what is the best way to ensure that the associated expenditure most effectively supports the economy, households and a return to growth?

This webinar will discuss the long term impact of coronavirus on the economy and public finances, the choices ahead in supporting the economy out of lockdown and into the ‘new normal’ and the implications for businesses, households, taxation, public services and the broader economy of the those choices.

Key points

  • The coronavirus debt – how bad is it?
  • What choices are available to government in balancing the challenge of debt with the need for ongoing investment and support?
  • How may we need to think differently about our economy and public services following coronavirus?
  • What might government choices on who should pay- and when - mean for tax, recovery, jobs and services?


Frances Coppola

Financial Economist, Author and Blogger

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I thought the Q&A at the end was very useful - getting to hear questions people had from other agencies.

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