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Fraud in the Time of Coronavirus: Raising awareness of new and emerging risks for the public sector

Thu 10th Dec 2020

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All of society has been impacted by coronavirus but for some the epidemic has presented criminal opportunity. Fraud - in and associated with the public sector - is a permanent challenge to both the integrity of public finances and to the delivery of public services of the highest standard. Recognised longer term fraud risks remain to be fought. Meanwhile new risks are emerging as systems, practices and public resources are adapted and reshaped to focus on trying to prevent and eradicate the threat of coronavirus.

Anne Cairns and Barry Moncur will speak on emerging fraud risks for the Scottish public sector as bodies seek to deliver services for individuals, communities and businesses in an extremely difficult time. They will consider the most recent evidence from the National Fraud Initiative and its next due initiative for 2020/21 to tackle fraud and error in Scotland. They will also assess challenges suggested by identified risks in case studies and in particular relating to procurement.

Key Points

  • What are the emerging fraud risks under coronavirus?
  • What does the National Fraud Initiative tell us about trends in non-pandemic related fraud?
  • What do the most recent case studies highlight as identifiable risks, particularly in procurement?
  • What are the challenges for organisations of meeting both new and emerging risks and maintaining a good general state of fraud awareness in the context of changes to working patterns and working practices?


Anne Cairns

Manager, Audit Scotland

Shona Duncan

Corporate Fraud Supervisor, Dundee City Council

Lynn Bradley

Board Member, Revenue Scotland; and Lecturer in Public Sector Finance, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

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Excellent all-round conference. Much food for thought and left with my questions answered.

Glenn Elder, Glasgow City Council,
Delegate - Planning Conference 2019