MacKay Hannah

Educational Attainment and Children's Rights

Tue 16th Jan 2018

, Brodies LLP - Edinburgh

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Scotland's education system is undergoing significant changes. The Scottish Government has embarked upon a long-term reform programme starting with the introduction of Curriculum for Excellence in the early 2000s and continuing today with the proposed governance reform of schools and education. One of the priorities of the Scottish Government has been to “close the attainment gap” and the First Minister has invited judgement on how well the Government achieves this objective. The Scottish Government has invested significant funds to achieve their aims.

So what have children’s rights got to do with the attainment gap and why are children’s rights at the heart of securing improvements in attainment? Well, there is evidence that one of the characteristics of high performing schools in poor areas is the sense of agency and participation pupils can exert within their learning environment. To learn more, and how to apply this knowledge, attend this seminar which will:

  • Provide information on children’s rights under the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Report on research linking children’s rights and attainment
  • Provide tools for the implementation of children’s rights in learning settings
  • Give space to participants to consider the implications for improving their own learning environment

This seminar is suitable for anyone with a remit in education, particularly those in school settings and interested in raising attainment. It will be of interest to all level of officers responsible for the delivery of improved educational outcomes for children and young people.

This seminar will enable you to:

  • Improve your knowledge and understanding of the UN human rights frameworks, particularly the UNCRC and participation
  • Increase your knowledge of the link between attainment and children’s rights
  • Increase your confidence in applying a participatory approach in your education role
  • Develop your capacity to see where future improvements in your educational setting and children and young people’s participation

The seminar will be a mixture of lecture input and refection on the part of the participants. It will draw on relevant research and the experience of service providers attending. Be prepared for an interactive session and the opportunity for learning from others.

The seminar is one of a series promoting and further safeguarding children’s rights in Scotland. You will be surprised by what you already know and this will add to your knowledge and confidence in application of the duties under the Act.

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Tam Baillie

former Scotland Commissioner on for Children and Young People

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Some interesting points noted. Liked the afternoon presentation snapshots.

Caroline Gardiner - Fife Council,
Delegate Closing Scotland's Education Poverty and Attainment Gap