MacKay Hannah

Data protection practice during and after pandemic: Crisis management and compliance

Tue 27th Apr 2021

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This webinar discusses the challenges organisations continue to face in meeting their data protection obligations during the COVID pandemic, examines how organisations have reacted and adapted to the crisis and looks at what needs to be done in respect of reviewing systems and processes to ensure acceptable levels of compliance in ‘new normal’.

In an unprecedented period for all organisations the challenge of meeting good standards in data protection laws and regulation has been acutely challenging. Protecting privacy is made more complicated by both the processes and the consequences of the fight against COVID. This has been explicitly acknowledged by the Information Commissioner’s Office when stating that organisations are trying to operate during uncertain and challenging times and that the ICO will adjust its regulatory approach accordingly.

What does this all mean in practice and what should compliance look like now and as the country takes steps towards emerging from pandemic? The discussion will focus on the lessons learned, both positive and negative. It will examine the two phases of the privacy challenge – reacting to the crisis and systems and processes post-crisis. In responding to COVID what has been necessary when acting with speed, what has been the minimum to do, how and why has light touch risk assessment been necessary and how has ‘privacy by design’ been reflected? Post-crisis how can what is necessary and proportionate be effectively achieved?

Jenny Brotchie will outline how the ICO views privacy protection during pandemic and what it expects as we emerge toward more normal practice. David Goodbrand will discuss the challenge of remaining compliant during pandemic and preparing for what’s next. Tim Musson will reflect on what is necessary in conducting a deep dive review of privacy compliance to examine processes during pandemic and to adjust those processes to post-pandemic.

Key points

  • Understanding what the ICO expects
  • Privacy practice during pandemic and after
  • Compliance during pandemic and preparing for what’s next
  • Reviewing pandemic data practices and adjusting processes for ‘new normal’.
  • What positive and negative lessons have been learned?
  • Your next steps to protect privacy, stay compliant and protect your organisation


Lynn Bradley

Board Member, Revenue Scotland; and Lecturer, in Public Sector Finance Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow

Jenny Brotchie

Regional Manager, Scotland, Information Commissioner’s Office

David Goodbrand

Partner, Burness Paull

Tim Musson BA

Managing Director, Computer Law Training Ltd

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This was an excellent, thought provoking day. All the speakers added something positive to the day. It was motivating and inspiring.

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