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Coronavirus, Care of Older People and Future Care: What have we learned?

Fri 23rd Oct 2020

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All of society has been impacted by coronavirus but those most affected are vulnerable older people and particularly those requiring care, either at home or in a care home setting. Providing protection and prevention has been a complex, delicate and extended task, but it is only one side of the equation. What have we learned during the coronavirus response so far about best practice in care? What are the challenges in delivering quality of life - as well as sustaining life - for older people during coronavirus and in the ‘new normal’?

This webinar will discuss both the experience of caring for older people during coronavirus to date and the lessons to be drawn from that experience for future ‘new normal’. While the mammoth task of protecting lives offers learning for the next phase, we also face quality of life challenges. Complex issues including bereavement, isolation, mental health and personal agency become more acute in a locked down world

Key Points

  • What have we learned about our care strategy from coronavirus?
  • How do we capture the innovation, flexibility and best practice we have seen during lockdown and social distancing for wider application?
  • What does an effective balance between saving lives and quality of life look like?
  • How do we make sure we are best prepared for future scenarios?


Professor David Bell

Professor of Economics, University of Stirling

Arlene Crockett

Director of Evidence & Influencing - Dementia Programme, Life Changes Trust

Karen Hedge

National Director, Scottish Care

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The best thing about this seminar was the small group allowing for good discussion. Session 1 was a particularly helpful reminder of the key points.

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