MacKay Hannah

Consumers, Customers and Complaints in Scotland

Tue 13th Jul 2021

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This webinar addresses the challenge of meeting customer and consumer expectations in Scotland for all those seeking to pre-empt, engage with, resolve or dispute complaints.

In the data, digital and increasingly ‘open’ age, consumers – whether of public services or private goods - have a power never previously known. A core challenge for all organisations therefore is retaining customer and consumer trust by preventing complaints and dissatisfaction before they arise, dealing effectively with them when they do and using the complaints experience to reshape services, products and relationships with consumers in future.

This webinar will support your organisation in understanding consumer expectations, behaviour and engagement, in addressing complaints effectively while building consumer trust and finally in anticipating the core drivers which will shape future consumer behaviour and relationships with providers of public and private services.

Sarah Chisnall will discuss the value of redress, apology and early intervention. Thomas Docherty will reflect on what we know about what consumers and customers want. Judith Turner will consider the role of rights, services and complaints and what the public thinks of these.

Key points

  • The value of redress, apology and early intervention
  • Understanding what consumers and customers want
  • What the public thinks about rights, services and complaints
  • Acting to ensure complaint prevention rather than cure
  • What consumers value
  • How do consumers behave as complainers?
  • What do consumers expect from service providers in a complaint process?


Neil Stevenson

Chief Executive, Scottish Legal Complaints Commission

Sarah Chisnall

Scottish Public Affairs and Policy, Ombudsman Services

Thomas Docherty

Head of Public Affairs – Nations & Regions, Which?

Judith Turner

Deputy Chief Ombudsman, Dispute Resolution Ombudsman

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