MacKay Hannah

Understanding NPF4: what is in the draft, what do you need to know?


09:30 Chair's opening remarks
Donald Anderson, Director, Playfair Scotland
PlayfairScotla3Blue Twitter BirdDA_Anderson

09:35 Understanding key themes emerging in NPF4
Stefano Smith, Director, Stefano Smith Planning

  • What are the key emerging themes?
  • Identifying national infrastructure developments
  • Funding and delivering major strategic projects
  • What should developers focus on?

09:50 Local development plans and development management with NPF4
Pam Ewen, Head of Planning, Planning Services, Fife Council
FifePlanning happyplanner01

  • How will NPF4 and Local Development Plans combine?
  • A new approach to site determination and development
  • Will the local development process become more efficient and inclusive?
  • What should planners focus on?

10:05 Engaging with communities
Petra Biberbach, Chief Executive, PAS
PAStweets  Biberbach

  • What does meaningful community engagement look like?
  • The opportunity of local place plans and the value of place
  • NPF4 - more consensual development?
  • What should communities focus on?

10:20-10:30 Discussion and Q&A
Donald Anderson, Director, Playfair Scotland
PlayfairScotla3Blue Twitter BirdDA_Anderson

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I thought the programme was spot on, focussed, bite sized and held my attention throughout. Excellent.

Howard Young, Argyll & Bute Council,
Delegate - Planning Conference 2019