MacKay Hannah

Understanding Freeports Across the UK: driving regional growth, investment and innovation


15:00 Chair's Opening Remarks
Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive, British Ports Association

15:05 Understanding the strategic purpose of Freeports in the UK
Tom White, Maritime and Ports Lead, Connected Places Catapult
Alison Young, Global and Investment Export Specialist, Connected Places Catapult

  • What is a Freeport and how is it intended to work?
  • Regional growth, investment and innovation - finding value beyond port operations and tax and tariff zones
  • The importance of regional clusters and developing unique regional strengths

15:20 Delivering trade, regional, economic and innovation value from a Freeport
Ibrahim Mohamed, Director, Gateway Capital Investments Ltd; and Infrastructure Trade & Investment - Freeports Advisor

  • What does a successful Freeport look like?
  • Key factors that drive Freeport growth and broader economic engagement
  • Using a Freeport as a template for innovation with partners beyond core port activities

15:35 Establishing and developing a Freeport

  • Core Freeport building blocks
  • Building a partnership capable of gaining Freeport status and then growing
  • Reflections on where to start

15:50-16:00 Discussion and Q&A
Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive, British Ports Association

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Thank you so much for everything. The ACES conference is superb. Networking, learning and having fun is all part and parcel of the day - great stuff. I will be promoting this event at every opportunity.

Gail Mair,
Aberdeen City Council