MacKay Hannah

Social Media Training - 17th August 2015: How to get started, how to do it well


0830-0900 Registration
0900-0925 What is social media? 
  What it does
Why people use it
Why it is different 
0925-0950 What are the potential benefits of social media to your business?
Marketing way beyond your budget 
Reaching the audience that other media cannot reach
Creating customer engagement and relationships 
0950-1015 Thinking strategically about social media objectives – a brief overview
Understanding what it isn't for
Know your audience
Activities driven by objectives

John Curtis, Journalist and Social Media Practitioner

The law of the internet – the use of social media

Potential pitfalls for employers
Potential pitfalls for employees
Things for employers to consider

Andrew Brown, Senior Associate, Employment and Pensions Unit, Anderson Strathern
1015-1035 Refreshments
1035-1100 An outline of the three most useful social media platforms
Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
Who are they used by?
What are they used for?
When and how should you use them?
1100-1125 Identifying what it is that potential customers on social media are interested in
The importance of mixed messages
Writing what people want to read
Posting what people want to see
1125-1150 Developing value propositions
Developing conversations
Listening effectively
Making friends and influencing people
1150-1215 Measuring the effectiveness of Social Media marketing
Have you reached your audience?
Has the audience you reached noticed you?
Understanding your costs: time and thought, not money
What does success look like? 
1215 Close

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John & Andrew's presentations were well delivered and really increased my knowledge of Social Media.

Daryl Motion - City of Edinburgh Council,
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