MacKay Hannah

Rethinking Smart Cities and City Regions After Coronavirus


10:00  Chair's opening remarks
Hannah Smith, Director, ICE - Scotland, Institute of Civil Engineers

10:05  Rethinking smart cities and city regions after coronavirus
Professor Simon Joss, Professor of Urban Futures (Urban Studies), School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Glasgow

  • Technology, smart cities and post-coronavirus
  • The role of data intelligence, capabilities and uses and big data
  • After pandemic, what is a smart city and city region?

10:20  Reflecting upon where smart cities and city-regions are heading in ‘new normal’
Alex Tosetti, Chief Commercial Officer, VU.CITY

  • The differing potentials of ‘smart’ in cities and city regions
  • ‘New normal’ – A journey or a destination?
  • The need to focus on opportunity and potential from adversity

10:35  How cities and city-regions can respond innovatively to the economic challenge
Jonathan Guthrie, Director Public Sector Partnerships, Scotland, Robertson

  • What do our city economies and their regions need?
  • Using investment in infrastructure to leverage growth, employment and skills development
  • Thinking innovatively about partnership in promoting economic recovery

10:50-11:00  Discussion and Q&A
Hannah Smith, Director, ICE - Scotland, Institute of Civil Engineers

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I had attended the previous seminar which was why I attended this one too. The seminar was a reminder or refresher of what I already know. However I will take away some good points from today. It was good to learn more about the balance of views and rights and it was very interesting to get an insight into Tam's (Baillie) experiences as Children's Commissioner.

Janet O'Connor, CHAS,
Delegate at Understanding and Delivering Children's Rights Seminar