MacKay Hannah

Placemaking in Scotland: What is it and how will it be funded and delivered?


10:00 Chair's opening remarks
Steve Turner, Director, Connected Places Catapult

10:05 What is placemaking?
Diarmaid Lawlor, Associate Director - Place, Scottish Futures Trust
SFT_Scotland UrbScotland

  • What is the purpose of placemaking?
  • What is the evidence that placemaking works?
  • 'I wouldn't start here' – how placemaking helps when you have to start here

10:20 A place-based programme for services and communities
Sam Cassels, Place Principal Adviser, Scottish Government

  • Investment – a place-based programme
  • Conditionality in spending – putting people and place at the centre of project decisions
  • Rethinking how we approach the development of projects and services

10:35 Delivering placemaking in practice
David Welsh, Director, MainStreet Consulting
MainStLtd MrDavidWelsh

  • What does successful placemaking look like?
  • Collaboration, co-decision making and community leadership
  • Placemaking as a process and as an outcome

10:50-11:00 Discussion and Q&A
Steve Turner, Director, Connected Places Catapult

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