MacKay Hannah

Achievement thinking: personal resilience strategies to thrive in tough times and beyond

Thu 8th Jul 2021

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This webinar is intended primarily for anyone who is responding to the challenge of working from home and adapting to the demands of remote working while trying to remain connected to colleagues and ‘the office’ - particularly Executive Secretaries and PAs - but is relevant also for anyone experiencing change professionally and personally. John Hotowka specialises in how to strengthen and protect the mental wellbeing of individuals and teams, so that change and uncertainty can be negotiated with peace of mind, focussed action and motivation.

Never before has it been so important to have the right frame of mind and clarity of thinking to navigate the uncertainty and changes that lie ahead. ‘Achievement Thinking’ is a collection of simple tools to empower and help you find, keep and grow the strength to continuously flourish, build resilience and manage change.

In this interactive and entertaining session you’ll learn about the emotional journey of change we all experience. More importantly, you’ll learn why we need to know this journey and how to manage it to reach the peace of mind and the calm needed to gain clarity and focus. You’ll also be given insights, tips, techniques and tools to help you continue to step up and step onwards each and every time you experience change and tough times in the future.

Key points

  • Why we need to express our emotions and the safest way to do it
  • How to overcome feeling overwhelmed to achieve focus and peace of mind
  • How to minimise distractions when working from home
  • How to maintain a work/life balance when working from home
  • How to stop negative thoughts to help you stay positive
  • How to create a solid divide between work life and home life when working from home
  • A way of being more productive and energised during a busy day working from home (also how to reduce Zoom fatigue) 


John Hotowka

Motivational and Business Speaker

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Always find this conference interesting for personal development. great range of topics and lunch was superb. Really enjoyed the day, roll on next year!

Nicola Candlin, NHS 24,
Delegate at ACES 2015