MacKay Hannah

A Right to Rehabilitation in Scotland: The next step in transforming health and well being

Wed 11th Nov 2020

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The call for a ‘Right to Rehabilitation’ to be the Scottish Government’s next step in transforming Scotland’s approach to health and well-being has been made by a coalition of health charities and health professional bodies in Scotland. Providing the comprehensive service across Scotland envisaged by such a right would require rethinking how health and care services are planned, structured and delivered. It would also be a major step towards adopting Christie Commission principles on prevention in public service delivery.

This webinar will discuss the key implications of putting rehabilitation at the core of the strategic shift to personalised, community-based services. It will examine the challenge of giving access to rehabilitation for all when it is needed, the implications for localised workforce development and professional leadership and how health and social care strategy would need to incorporate such a right at the heart of the planning and delivery of integration.

Key Points

  • What is meant by the ‘Right to Rehabilitation’?
  • How can we ensure that access to rehabilitation is developed as a consistent core service across Scotland’s health and care services?
  • What would an effective rehabilitation service for Scotland look like?
  • How does person-centred rehabilitation transform lives and deliver more efficient healthcare in practice?


Elinor Jayne

Head of Influencing, Sue Ryder

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Rebecca Johnson was quoted as saying "Money is the opposite of the weather. Nobody talks about it, but everybody does something about it." My presentation at these half-day seminars will look at the Met Office's change from a vote funded organisation to a Trading Fund. In essence we now have to make a return on capital employed (ROCE) or to put it another way, a profit. I will share what happened and present some of the lessons learned from the process and the tensions which arose, some of which are still in evidence today, more than 15 years later.

Alex Hill,
Chief Government Advisor, Scotland and Northern Ireland, Met Office

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