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Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences </p>


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Dementia becomes biggest killer of women in Scotland

New figures from the National Records of Scotland have shown that dementia caused more deaths than any other condition amongst women in 2017. Dementia was responsible for nearly 4,500 death amongst women in 2017, compared to 2,700 deaths from heart disease.

"Over time, the leading causes of death have changed,” the report stated.

"In 2000, the leading cause was also ischaemic heart disease but it accounted for a much higher proportion of deaths (21.5 per cent).”

"Cerebrovascular disease was the second most common cause, accounting for 11.8 per cent of deaths, and dementia and Alzheimer's disease did not appear in the top five."

In response to the report, Age Scotland’s Chief executive Brian Sloan said the trend of rising dementia number looks set to continue as we grow older and live longer as a population. It is thought that there are currently around 90,000 people living with dementia in Scotland.

Mr Sloan added, "Dementia is currently incurable and while positive developments in treatment are happening more frequently, the critical challenge for the Scottish Government is how to better prevent dementia and to improve the quality of life of those living with it and their carers," he said.

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I had attended the previous seminar which was why I attended this one too. The seminar was a reminder or refresher of what I already know. However I will take away some good points from today. It was good to learn more about the balance of views and rights and it was very interesting to get an insight into Tam's (Baillie) experiences as Children's Commissioner.

Janet O'Connor, CHAS,
Delegate at Understanding and Delivering Children's Rights Seminar

Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences

<p>Sponsorship opportunities at our conferences</p>